The Kinds of Trees you Should Plant to Attract Birds

Birds are lovely animals; they make our mornings extra special when they chirp and sing their song. That is why we want them to land in our yard or near our place so we can have the pleasure of hearing and seeing them. But no matter how much we want it, this serene picture is not for everyone to experience. 

You might wonder why do some places have this condition and your place does not. Well, to answer you, what makes the difference between places that attract a lot of birds versus a place that does not are ‘trees.’ 

When birds select their place, they want to choose the one that has a lot of trees; not only a lot of trees but specific kinds of trees. Without these kinds of trees, birds would have a very hard time surviving, and their families would not thrive. In trees is where birds get their necessities. So, you might ask, what are these necessities? Let me enumerate them for you. 

  • Home – In order to survive, living beings need home to protect them from all the different kinds of elements. In trees is where birds find their shelter, where they shield themselves from rain and sun.
  • Food – Not only do trees act as shelters, but they also provide food for the birds. Trees contain fruits and nuts that the birds can eat, buds, sap, and also house little insects that the birds love to hunt.
  • Water – This item might be a bit surprising, but trees do provide water for birds. The leaves of trees collect small amounts of water that the birds would be comfortable to drink. Sometimes, birds rub their bodies with the leaves to bathe themselves.

Now that we know how much important trees are for birds let us discuss some types of trees that attract these lovely little beings. 

Coniferous Trees 

Birds like coniferous trees, with their rigid needle-like leaves that cling to its branches for all seasons of the year. If your place receives heavy snowfall during winter, better select this kind of tree because birds like these evergreen trees as their shelter during this cold, hard months. The seeds that are contained on the cones of this kind of trees also serve as food for the birds. 

Deciduous Trees 

Deciduous trees are not very ideal for birds during winter because their leaves fall during these times. However, these leaves litter can be a source of food for birds that gather food on the ground. Deciduous trees are excellent trees during spring though, because they produce abundant fruits and flowers that attract many birds. 

Fruit Trees 

Fruit trees are also an excellent choice for attracting birds. Fruits and buds that are produced by this kind of tree is a favorite among birds. Fruit trees also attract insects, which can also be hunted down and eaten by the birds. 


Now that you know the basic information on trees and how to attract birds, now is the time to plant one. Ask for help from a tree service company so that your tree would grow successfully. 

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