4 Towing Risks You Should Remember

Getting stuck up in the middle of the road because of a malfunctioning vehicle is not the only reason why one needs Fort Myers Towing. Some of the reasons include going on a trip and wants to tow a second vehicle behind, moving out the city or hauling horses and other equipment. We know that there risks accompanied with towing, especially if you don’t have the right trailer truck. If you’re new to this, you should learn some common maneuvers. If you’re on a hurry, then just call a towing company.  

Towing Risks

As a start, we will share with you some towing risks you should remember. So when the time comes that you decide to tow on your own, you will avoid these risks.  

Mismatched Equipment 

One of the top reasons why accidents happen while someone is towing is because his equipment doesn’t match with the vehicle correctly. Read the manual of the vehicle to see how much weight it can tow safely. Add up the weight of the load you’re going to carry. Carrying a heavy load that the vehicle can’t take up will cause road accidents and will damage your vehicle.  

If you use a coupler or a trailer hitch, make sure that they fir correctly. If they don’t fit, you’re going to have an unstable towing. Make sure too that your trailer is level. If it’s not level, you might experience braking which will result to accidents like jackknifing. If you want an extended towing, never ever use a tow strap or a tow rope. It should just be used for emergency purposes and not for extended towing.  

Limited Visibility 

Before you go, make sure you consider the width, length and height of the load you’re towing. Do not carry a load that’s heavier than the truck because you will really have a serious problem. The load will affect your visibility. If the load is too tall or heavy, you will have difficulty in controlling basic maneuvers.  

There are companies who offer towing mirrors you can use for towing purposes. They are attached to your vehicle’s existing side-view mirror. With this, you will see the approaching vehicles from the rear or the side.  

Speed and Acceleration 

When you’re towing, the vehicle has an increased inertia and momentum than normal because you’re carrying more mass. This is basic physics you should know. The vehicle works harder to accelerate when you tow, because it will take more energy for a massive object to stop or start moving. When you need to pass another vehicle on the highway, remember this.  


When you’re carrying a load with a wide wheel base, you have to make wide turns too. If you don’t do this carefully, you might hit signs, curbs or other items on the road. This will cause damages to the trailer. Taking a fast turn will also strain the towing equipment, and will lead to the trailer swaying away of flipping over that’s why having the right equipment is important because it will affect how you turn the vehicle.   

How to Take Good Care of Your Phone

Our phones and our lives are connected. Most of the time, some of our tasks are achieved because of it. There are many amazing apps that we can install to help with our daily lives. We invested lots of money for it, so it’s just imperative that we take good care of them so they would last in our hands. To keep it on its good working condition, you should do the following to take good care of it.  


Don’t Abuse the Phone 

Phones won’t last a long time especially if you’re misusing it. Even smartphones that are super high-quality are still prone to damages and breakdowns if you don’t maintain it. Taking good care of your phone is important so you will have a return of investment. Once you notice something wrong with your phone, visit a shop of cellphone repair in Denver to have it checked.  


Keep it Safe 

Consider your phone as one of your valuable possessions. Handle it with care so it wouldn’t break down or stop working. Don’t leave it lying around the house because kids might use. Buy cellphone screen protectors and cases to protect your phone. Buy the high quality ones so it can protect the phone efficiently. There are dust everywhere you go, and constant touches to the screen will affect its integrity, so a protection is a must.  

Avoid Dropping It 

Once a phone drops, you’re putting it in a compromised state. Dropping is one of the most common reasons why a phone gets damaged. Avoid this from happening by securing your phone in your hand. If your hand gets slippery, put it in your safe pocket. It’s also a good idea to buy a cellphone lanyard and put it around your neck especially if you’re travelling.  

Avoid Moisture and Heat 

Another cause of phone damage is too much heat and moisture, so as much as possible, don’t expose your phone to these things. Do not put your phone near heat sources like furnace, chimney, stove and under the sun. Don’t expose your phone to too much cold too. While you eat, don’t use your phone because it might drop to sources of liquid. Always bring a waterproof bag where you can put your phone in case it rains.  

Clean it Properly 

Your phone needs to be cleaned too. However, you should know the proper way to clean it. Don’t use a spray bottle when you do it, remember that moisture is not good for phones or any devices. Use a cotton swab instead, dip it in an alcohol and touch the phone with it. Do the cleaning lightly. But if you’re using a touch screen phone, just use a lint-free and soft cloth.  

Protect from Theft 

When you’re walking in a busy street, don’t use your phone as much as possible. There are thieves lurking around that will use the busyness of the place to take the phone away from you. Guard your phone at all times just like any of your possessions.