Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Going to your doctor and visiting their dental clinics have been a traditional and effective way to keep your teeth and mouth clean, white, and healthy. Usually, we go to these clinics for teeth extraction, skin whitening, and regular check-ups. For more important visits, we do braces and immediate teeth treatment. However, your doctor and their tools provide more than just extracting a tooth, or cleaning your mouth.  


Clinics that provide cosmetic dentistry are now a popular go-to sites especially for people who have serious teeth problems. And by the term “serious”, I am not referring to diseases but rather serious problems of the tooth’s physical structure. Some people have broken or misaligned teeth, others may have lost a tooth or two, while there are people do not have teeth at all. This is where cosmetic dentistry goes into the picture. 


Cosmetic Dentistry Denver offers different procedures to make your teeth beautiful. In fact, it is on the rise because of its effective, convenient, and safe methods. More specifically, it offers restorative benefits to everyone

The following are cosmetic dentistry procedures you can have: 


1.Teeth Whitening 

This is, by far, the most common procedure it offers. Also called as teeth bleaching, this can be done to treat teeth discoloration and remove difficult stains, tartar, etc. that have been present for a long time. This treatment can be in a form of take-home teeth whitening trays, while others can be in a form of on-the-spot whitening procedures.  


There are many teeth bleaching products in the market however, they are not guaranteed safe. So going to the clinic and letting the expert do the job is safer. 



2.Composite Bonding 

It refers to the restoration and repair of your damaged and decayed teeth. They use a material that resembles your tooth enamel’s color, apply them, and sculpts them by using a high-intensity light. As a result, your decayed tooth will look as good as new. 




Dental implants replace your lost teeth in a very secure way. The doctor will insert (implant) a small titanium screw into your jaw at the missing tooth (teeth). this will serve as a support for the crown (replacement teeth). These teeth look so natural that you cannot distinguish them from the natural teeth. What makes it secure is that once the supporting tissue and your bone fuse to the implants, they are permanently secured into the place, making it long-lasting.  



Dental veneers are typically made from medical-grade ceramic. They are made individually for each patient to match their natural teeth, hence they are highly personalized. They are very realistic to the point that they are indistinguishable to your other natural teeth. They can be used for different cosmetic problems like damaged teeth and enamel, crooked teeth, teeth gaps, and others. They are applied using a dental adhesive. 



You see, your doctors offer more than pulling your teeth out or making them whiter. As mentioned there are many ways to enjoy dental visits. When you are experiencing teeth issues, you can try a procedure or two that we mentioned above, and confidently wear a beautiful smile.